First Look: A Journal of Mysterious Creatures

by Sage Ashford

A trailer for a new anime entitled “A Journal of Mysterious Creatures” has been released on YouTube. Based on a Chinese web novel known as “Yìcháng shēngwù jiànwén lù” written by author Yuan Tong, the series follows a young man named Yoshihito, who starts the series out trying to make money by renting out rooms in his home to make up for his lack of a job.  Things quickly go off the rails when he discovers the truth about his potential tenant, Lily, after she gets attacked by a werewolf. From there, Yoshihito is pulled into a world of strange beings and shadow organizations.

“A Journal of Mysterious Creatures” will be directed by Yukio Nishimoto (Ongaku Shoujo).  MMT Technology Co, LTD will handle the animation, with the show airing later this year.

Source: Crunchyroll

Sage Ashford

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