5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail 22: “Natsu, Revived!!”

by Sage Ashford

Sherria and Wendy decide which of them surrenders their magic to defeat Dimaria, while the guild comes under attack from a new threat. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.


1. I wasn’t ready to cry when I started this episode, but the last moments of Sherria as a mage were a tear-jerker. The whole thing is well-executed, starting with former Crime Sorciere mage offering Wendy and Sherria the option to activate their Third Origin spell, sacrificing their future ability to use magic for the opportunity to defeat Dimaria, the Spriggan 12 member who could use the power of a god. They both immediately agree to give up their powers to battle Dimaria, except Ulteaer can only unlock one of them, as the other would have to retain their magic to heal Carla, frozen in time after Dimaria/Chronos’ opening attack.

Wendy tries to convince Ultear to unlock her powers, but ultimately it’s Sherria who makes the sacrifice necessary to save them all.  As bad as it looks that someone else surrenders their magic to fight a battle that’s Fairy Tail’s to begin with, Sherria’s argument makes a ton of sense.  She points out that Fairy Tail’s battle isn’t done, and Wendy will doubtlessly be needed later, but more importantly–Sherria’s a God Slayer, this is literally what her magic exists to do.  So she allows herself to activate her Third Origin powers, and immediately goes after Chronos, making quick work of her. Too quick, honestly.

If I have any problem with this episode’s opening fight scene it’s that it’s just the opening fight.  Sherria versus Dimaria should be this major moment, as it hits so many points: Wendy unknowingly buys time for Ultear to cast the spell, Sherria fights against Dimaria, there’s the falling action where Sherria has to accept a life without magic, and the denouement where Wendy accepts her failure to help Sherria in the end.  All of that should’ve lasted an entire episode, rather than not even reaching the midpoint of the episode.  Mashima has always gotten through arcs quickly and efficiently–it’s what makes Fairy Tail refreshing compared to other series of similar length–but this was a time where an adaptation could have easily fleshed things out, making things overall stronger than what was there, even if it was solid.

2. Over the last dozen episodes or so, it’s been a battle to keep Alvarez away from Fairy Tail’s guildhall. That battle is lost with the introduction of Jacob Lessio, a dude who’s almost certainly Jason Statham in Fairy Tail form.  He pops up at their door step, revealing they figured out how to fool the group’s radar, then makes short work of the entire guild by teleporting them away.  Jacob’s abilities appear to have a bit more variety than other members in the Spriggan 12, with him not only having access to a mysterious void…but also able to see Mavis herself! Given she’s a ghost, this is the first time Mavis has been attacked, and he taunts her with the hope of saving her fellow guildmates for trading away the location of Fairy Heart.

3. If nothing else, this arc is worth it just for giving Lucy a Big Damn Hero moment.  With the entire guild teleported away and Mavis in danger, Lucy and Happy arrive right on time to save her. The two of them narrowly avoided Jacob’s initial attack thanks to Horologium’s timely intervention, allowing them to intervene and save Mavis from Jacob’s attacks. The growth Lucy’s experienced just in this short time skip has been pretty awesome. She’s always been willing to get down into the trenches and throw down, but lately she’s becoming more and more just as much of a big gun as the other major members of the guild. The Star Dress technique has gone a long way towards making her a more physical fighter, and I hope eventually she gets a big fight scene of her own again.

Of her own of course, because Natsu’s going to help with this one. Shortly after Lucy and Happy’s appearance, Natsu arrives to help as well. This feels a little fast, but actually it’s good they aren’t leaving Natsu on the shelf forever like they did on Tenrou Island.  Having the main hero vanish for long periods always makes the story feel weird in how it unfolds.

4. Y’know, I didn’t think we would immediately go back to the well on a Spriggan 12 member secretly being a goofball, but I forgot Mashima’s penchant for ecchi scenes.  Lessio decides to use his secret maneuver, holding Natsu down and forcing him to watch as he uses his ability to control visibility to make Lucy appear naked. Unfortunately, Lessio seems more affected than Natsu, with the assassin being too embarrassed to look at Lucy half-naked.  (Natsu, in a rare moment of clear-headed logic, points out she’s always dressing half-naked.) On the bright side, unlike Brandish, this isn’t what eventually takes down Jacob.  (Funny as it was, it’d be lame to have three powerful mages lose in a comedic way. After all, Serena lost so quickly that was comedic.) Instead it finally makes him take the battle seriously, giving us a Lucy/Natsu team-up like the old days…except for once Lucy doesn’t have to participate by proxy.

5. In the middle of Lucy and Natsu’s battle against Jacob, Mavis finally starts to earn her name as the Fairy Tactician as she starts thinking of a way to stop Zeref, the immortal mage. Granted, if Happy hasn’t explained that without Zeref, Natsu will cease to exist this will all be for naught.

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