Giants Go To War In Wonder Woman #66

by Tony Thornley

It’s a deceptively simple concept but I genuinely can’t think of another time it’s happened on page. With the number of mythological giants and size-changing characters in comics, it was inevitable for them to go to war, and in Wonder Woman #66, it happens.

Cover by Terry & Rachel Dodson

G Willow Wilson, Cary Nord, Mick Gray, Romulo Fajardo, and Pat Brosseau reunite this issue as Diana’s quest finds its first obstacle.

Diana’s mythological friends are mid-road trip, finding themselves in the Rocky Mountains. There they encounter a Titan- and not the Teen sort- and call their best bet for help. Thankfully, Diana has a giant-sized ally she can call in to assist, Giganta!

Now that the series has a clear mission statement and a defined supporting cast, Wilson is able to go a bit crazy in this issue. She tells a very fun action story here, and the titans are a great threat. It comes together for a fun action story.

I had some complaints the last time Nord and Gray were on the book, but in this issue it feels like they’ve really gotten a better grasp of the book. They show us some well choreographed action, and they play with point of view to convey the sense of scale the characters are dealing with. Diana is a dominating presence on the page, even when she’s one of the smaller figures present, which is a really great touch.

This run continues to be a lot of fun, and gives Diana a fun mission.

Wonder Woman #66 is available now from DC Comics.

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