Our Deadly Companion Since The Beginning: The Empty Man #5

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

We are shown a prehistoric time where a caveman encounters the Empty Man and knows not how to process it. In the present, the police find the remnants of the conflict at the motel. They find the creature summoned by the Whisper Oracles, and the existence of this creature is made public. Monica and the Kerry Family take Owen to the hospital to heal his wounds. The broadcasting of the Empty Man creature causes wider panic, and Monica and the Kerry’s leave the hospital quickly. Finally, Karl is pushed off the forefront of the Empty Man mission.

The Empty Man #5 cover by Vanesa R. Del Rey
The Empty Man #5 cover by Vanesa R. Del Rey

The Empty Man #5 shows us how long the Empty Man has been influencing humanity while the power of the virus is made more widely known to the populace.

This is may be an obvious observation, but the Lovecraftian elements of The Empty Man intensify in this issue. The Empty Man gains power from people knowing more about it, and the revelation of these demonic creatures to the public only gives more power to the virus.

Melissa is still an unknown element in all of this; she works for her family’s survival in one sequence and praises the Empty Man in the next. Monica’s condition is getting worse too, and she may not be able to help the Kerry’s for much longer.

It’s another high-tensity and unnerving issue, and Cullen Bunn seems to only be warming up.

The Empty Man #5 art by Jesus Hervas, Niko Guardia, and letterer Ed Dukeshire
The Empty Man #5 art by Jesus Hervas, Niko Guardia, and letterer Ed Dukeshire

Jesus Hervas’ artwork continues to be powerful and disqueieting too. His ability to depict the minor details in a person’s face which are both the most expressive and most off-putting is impressive. Characters can go from relatable to alien in a single panel. Meanwhile, the fleshy creatures and extensions of the Empty Man are horrific and, frankly, pretty damn cool. Niko Guardia’s color art supports it all with a red-centered palette that suits horror quite well.

Empty Man #5 is another intense and disturbing issue of the horror series. We learn the kind of ancient evil the world is facing and how it continues to gain power. The writing and art are both excellent, and the comic earns a recommendation. Feel free to check it out.

The Empty Man #5 comes to us from writer Cullen Bunn, artist and variant cover artist Jesus Hervas, color artist Niko Guardia, letterer Ed Dukeshire, and cover artist Vanesa R. Del Rey.

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