Legends Of Tomorrow Touts Itself As A Good Show In Extended Season 4B Trailer

by Erik Amaya


Legends of Tomorrow knows exactly what it is. And now that it has the confidence of a seasoned, funny program, it is also strong enough to admit that they should’ve been part of last Fall’s “Elseworlds” crossover. But that’s just one example of the sort of fun Legends will have when it returns in April. Their current mission pits them against the demon Neron, who threatens to unleash Hell upon Earth-1 while finally obtaining the prize which has eluded him: the soul of John Constantine (Matt Ryan). The team’s new battle will turn them into Luchadores, see them kidnapping Richard Nixon, and participating in a Bollywood musical number. While it might sound crazy, its the sort of thing the Legends do every week.

And if you can’t tell by now, we’re very enamored with the show. It takes the superhero less seriously, but manages to tell emotionally resonant stories within that humorous framework. We cannot wait to see where the Legends head next.

Legends of Tomorrow returns April 1st on The CW.

Erik Amaya

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