The Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Continues With Forever Rangers Oversized Special

by James Ferguson

Boom! Studios continues to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Power Rangers with some top notch comics. The publisher has announced another book coming in June, under license from Hasbro with Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers. This oversized special from writer Ryan Parrott and artists Eleonora Carlini and Francesco Mortarino has the Power Rangers facing off against Alpha One.

The robot Alpha One, recently introduced in Go Go Power Rangers #18, is looking for revenge against his creator, Zordon and he’s willing to destroy anyone who might stand in his way, including the Power Rangers. Every last bit of morphin power is summoned to stop the deranged robot, but even that might not be enough. The Power Rangers will be pushed to the limit. How far are they willing to go to save Zordon, Angel Grove, and the rest of humanity from a murderous and hyper-charged Alpha One?

Dafna Pleban, Senior Editor, Boom! Studios says:

Alpha One represents such an interesting existential threat to the Power Rangers and Zordon. Alpha One was once like them, committed to the cause, and fighting him becomes its own kind of tragedy. In the biggest issue of Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers ever, Ryan and Eleonora push the Power Rangers past their limits!

Ryan Parrott’s run on Go Go Power Rangers has been nothing short of fantastic. Although the Alpha One storyline has only just started, it’s cool to see that it’s building towards something epic with this oversized one-shot.

Go Go Power Rangers: Forever Rangers #1 will feature a main cover by Dan Mora and variant covers by Kris Anka and Gurihiru. It’s set for release On June 19th, 2019.

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