Joaquin Phoenix Transforms In First Joker Teaser

by Erik Amaya


Warner Bros. Pictures has release a teaser trailer for the upcoming Joker. In it, Joaquin Phoenix stars as sad sack Arthur Fleck. He is a failed comedian who gets by dressing up as sign-holding clown. He also seeks out mental aid and is seemingly good to his mother (Frances Conroy). But events will lead him to becoming Gotham City’s most feared criminal mastermind. And as the trailer reveals, Arthur will finally get to enjoy himself once he becomes the Joker.

The film looks very different from the style the studio has employed for its DC Comics-inspired films. Gone is the glossy color grading and, seemingly, the digital set extensions. In its place is something more akin to the its stripped down aesthetic from the 1970s. Also, Phoenix’s transformation is remarkable. Reportedly, he lost 50 lbs. to become the more angular Arthur. But the certain shots of his back reveal just how extreme this change really is. And it seems to have given us a Joker who looks very much like his classic comics appearance while continuing to advance the character in a new direction.

Joker comes to theaters on October 4th.

Erik Amaya

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