5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail (2018) 26: “Together, Always”

by Sage Ashford

Brandish attempts to talk August, leader of the Spriggan 12, out of his attack on Fairy Tail.  But just when that succeeds…?!  Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. Last episode left the members of Fairy Tail B, Blue Pegasus, and Sabertooth in a dire situation while facing off against Bloodman, a demon made up of anti-magic bane particles who’d single-handledly torn through everyone until Fairy Tail arrived with Gajeel, who’s iron lungs could withstand Bloodman’s attacks. He and his partner Levy were barely able to hold on, thanks to Levy’s ability to cast Holy magic keeping her safe…or so we thought, until Levy’s body gave out because there’s no real way to protect from bane particles.

That brings us to this episode, where Gajeel gets fed up with Bloodman and risking Levy’s life to go all out. Using Laxus’ trick from the Tartaros arc, he uses his superior lungs to draw in all the Bane Particles and absorb them, transforming himself into a steel form capable of dealing damage to Bloodman. The resulting fight happens…incredibly quickly, with Gajeel handing Bloodman such a beating he can’t keep his energy together. But unwilling to go alone, Bloodman drags Gajeel along with him into the afterlife, while Levy can only watch helplessly.

This is where you remember that time in manga works differently than anime, as Levy and Gajeel share a tearful conversation, and Gajeel confesses how he’s felt about her all along. You’d think Bloodman, being petty enough to take Gajeel with him, would be evil enough to cut their lovers’ talk short, but I guess he’s a sucker for listening to bittersweet confessions.

In any case, I’ve never been comfortable with Gajeel/Levy. They met with him kicking the crap out of her (and two other Fairy Tail members), so it’s weird she hasn’t just avoided him forever. But there’s something to this not merely being about their love, but the transformative power of Fairy Tail as a whole. Gajeel, like Natsu, and Wendy and the others, was brought 400 years into the future away from anyone and everyone he’d ever known. He was forced to survive on his own, and it’s not until Fairy Tail welcomed him into their family that he was able to become more open with his emotions rather than just being a sullen, stoic jerk. It’s obvious he understand his actions in the past were wrong, and he’s atoned for them more than enough. All that said, sad as this scene was, I still doubt this is it for the Iron Dragon Slayer.

2. It’s taken a few episodes, but Cana finally works the nerve up enough to use her special spell Fairy Glitter to destroy her guild leader Mavis’ ethereal form to crack the giant magic crystal surrounding Mavis’ real form and hopefully awaken her. I’m not sure if that sentence is supposed to make me love or hate anime. This was just such a weird plan, and what comes afterwards? Also, just as a guess..shouldnt the lacrima she was suspended in contain absurd amounts of magical energy? Precht cast all manner of forbidden magic on Mavis to wake her up, it shouldn’t merely be her body holding a bunch of magic energy, but the crystal which surrounded her.

3. Despite August seeming unmoved last week, this week Brandish convinces him to realize Zeref doesn’t care about their country and is pushing towards a mutually assured destruction, and she even points out that the people of Fairy Tail aren’t bad people. And literally the LAST direction I thought this could have gone is, “…Yeah, but what if they ARE bad people, though?” Seconds after August decides to listen to what they have to say, Brandish suddenly stabs him, giving a blow that should be fatal. Mest (who tagged along with them) implanted false memories in her head, convincing her to attempt to kill August to “keep the guild safe”.

This was a turn even the preview from last week didn’t give away, which I appreciate since half this arc’s big twists were shown in the opening. The “hidden” member of Fairy Tail, Mest served as a member of the Magic Council by implanting himself with false memories and playing the role of Doranbolt as years. The flashback for his origins led us into a sense of false security, but what kind of person willingly lies to everyone he knows AND himself? The same kind of person who’d brainwash a young woman into killing her mentor. I loved the shock coming from this moment, but I really hope Mest has to own up to this. It was a heinous act from a group that’s normally pretty altruistic, even when it comes to defending their family. August goes into some kind of power-up mode and is unharmed, though, which doesn’t bode well for Mest having to accept responsbility. Aside from death, battle series have a habit of going “no harm no foul” on anything that happens in a fight.

4. Our main event this week is Irene vs. the Big Boss, Acnologia himself. They scuffle briefly, but ultimately Irene’s not gonna be the one to take down a bad guy who’s been on the show since over150 episodes ago. We do get to see why she’s so absurdly powerful though, with her casting a spell which affects the entirety of the continent they’re on, taking Acnologia out of the game by teleporting him as far away from Fairy Tail and the other Dragon Slayers as possible. Well, between her and August, clearly we’re done with the Spriggan 12 being pushovers at least.

5. Next Episode: Coming from a spell called Universe One, I guess we should be surprised that the least it does is reshape all of Fiore. I’m surprised it doesn’t create an instant alternate reality where Zeref just wins, no consequences required. It’s looking pretty close to that though, since Mavis apparently winds up directly in front of Zeref…and her body hasn’t actually moved in one hundred years. As much as I love Fairy Tail’s resident drunk, Cana doesn’t have much of a chance to bring down Zeref on her own. so they’re going to need an actual plan to pull this off.  (Note: That plan is going to involve either fleeing, or an asspull.)

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