Mortal Kombat XI Introduces Kitana, Princess Of Edenia

by Sage Ashford

With only a couple of weeks left until it’s release, NetherRealm has released another character trailer for Mortal Kombat XI. This time the trailer’s spotlight character is Kitana, former princess of Edenia and current ruler of the Nether Realms as a revenant.  The trailer runs a bit longer than usual for introductions, as it also shows off one of the newer characters returning from Mortal Kombat X in D’Vorah.  The resulting fight is a bit of a back and forth between the both of them to show off both of their combos, though in the end the fatality shown belongs to Kitana.  Nonetheless, D’Vorah’s fatality is…definitely something to see. (Potentially NSFL.)

Mortal Kombat XI is available on April 23rd for PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Sage Ashford

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