More Badass Than Black Widow: Watch The First Trailer For Besson’s Anna

by Tito W. James

Now this is how you sell me an action film. A nice, extended cut of unedited fight choreography with a kickin’ soundtrack. Anna is a new action/thriller starring  Sasha Luss and written and directed by Luc Besson. 

After delivering a mind-bending film like LucyI’m happy to see Besson returning to do a spiritual successor of sorts. While the trailer doesn’t dive into the plot, I honestly don’t care. It’s about an assassin assassinating people! If that opening fight is any indication as to what’s to come, audiences are in for a wild ride.

Look out for Anna in theaters June 21st.

Tito W. James

Tito W. James is a journalist writing for with a focus is on highlighting high quality independent content. His comics draw heavy influence from hand drawn animation and incorporate action and comedy into various genres.

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