Digital Gods & Monsters Abound In Tony Stark: Iron Man #10

by Tony Thornley

Tony Stark’s greatest mistake may prove to be the world’s undoing. Tony Stark: Iron Man #10 shows exactly how, but also how noble the title hero is in fixing things.

Cover by Alexander Lozano

Dan Slott, Jim Zub, Valero Schitti, Edgar Delgado, and Joe Caramagna put Tony in dire straits. However, they also show how much he’s grown in his nearly 50 year history.

The Controller’s attack on the eScape continues as Stark Unlimited and the world’s heroes try to shut it down. Meanwhile, Tony, Amanda and X-51 all try to stop Motherboard, the AI gone wild, from destroying all Tony is. Will they be successful, and even more will the solution be worse than the threat?

Slott and Zub escalate the stakes for Tony, which is pretty impressive considering the stakes are already so high. However, it’s also deeply rooted in Tony Stark as a person, not Iron Man the Avenger. Tony facing his past in a very literal way is needed, and as cliche as it might seem, absolutely moves the series forward into the future.

Schitti continues to do excellent work. His fluid characters bounce across the page, breaking gutters, and using exciting layouts to emphasize the chaos of the events. He is also able to give the characters impressive emotional beats, with Amanda Armstrong in particular still acting as the story’s MVP, even despite the multiple avatars she uses across the story.

This story might leave Tony Stark forever changed, and I’m excited to see exactly how.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #10 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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