The Weekly 2000AD – Prog 2130 Previewed: The Galaxy’s Greatest Gives You An All-Ages Treat

by Richard Bruton

Something a bit different this week in the Weekly 2000 AD, with the 48-page all-ages special 2000 AD Regened. In 2018, for Free Comic Book Day, 2000 AD Regened offered you all the old familiar characters, just re-done for an all-ages audience. This year, they’re doing it again, just as a regular Prog.

Personally, I reckon it’s a great thing, as getting that next generation of readers onboard is key to not just 2000 AD’s continued success but the health of the whole medium. And it, definitely, helps that the Regened strips are all top quality fare.

Under Neil Googe’s stunning cover, you’re going to find Cadet Dredd taking on Grudzillla, a young Psi-Judge Anderson finding danger in a video-game, and Rogue Trooper gets in on the all-ages action. There’s a new Future Shock, plus chills for children in Finder & Keeper, and a great teenage bounty hunter tale in Full Tilt Boogie. So much fun, all in one all-ages Prog!

Prog 2130, 2000 AD Regened 2019, comes out on digital and in UK comic shops on 8 May. Buy it and make sure you share it with some younger readers!

CADET DREDD VERSUS GRUDZILLA – Chris Weston, colors Chris Blythe, letters Annie Parkhouse

Oh yes, the wonderful Chris Weston handling the story and the art here… such a treat!

It’s just your average day in MC-1, with Grudzilla turning up to shoot a new movie in the big Meg, and the cadets have been ordered to be on their best behaviour and extend every courtesy.

Oh, what could go wrong? Especially with Cadets Dredd and Rico assigned to Grudzilla’s protection detail, as he’s one of those troubled actor types – just in a body the size of the average Block!

Giant monster action, Rico in digestion danger, and poop, giant monster poop, what more could you want?

FULL TILT BOOGIE – by Alex De Campi, Eduardo Ocana, letters Ellie De Ville

Teen bounty hunting fun from De Campi and Ocana here, with a deliciously light and fun family tale in the spaceship Full Tilt Boogie. Join Tee, her grandma, and her cat, whose stomach may just be an inter-dimensional portal, as they rescue the Luxine Prince Ifan and have to face the robotic Ursine threat of the Borrower Bears!

Light, fun, fast, this is De Campi doing teen space opera alongside artist Ocana, whose artwork is perfect for this sort of thing, with some beautiful coloring going on.

It’s a series that works as all-ages, but it would be fantastic to see this appear as a regular series as well!

FUTURE SHOCKS – THAT WEIRD KID – Karl Stock and Brett Parson, letters Simon Bowland

You’ll know Brett Parson, perhaps, from his Tank Girl work and he’s just perfect for an all-ages Future Shock, all about the weird kid in the school that no-one’s sure what the hell to do with. But when the robo-kid turns rogue, things are going to get even more weird… fast. Good all-ages Future Shock, but it’s the art that’s the star on this one.

ANDERSON, PSI-DIVISION – SPELLCRAFT – by Alec Worley, PJ Holden, colors Gary Caldwell, letters Ellie De Ville

Well, this is a beautiful thing in a comic that’s rather full of ’em. PJ Holden’s art is always great to see, but here, with some lush color work from Gary Caldwell, it’s just absolutely gorgeous, and so full of life.

Just that first-page image of Anderson was all I really needed to love this one…

We’re with a younger Anderson, heading into a medieval fantasy video-game thing inside a kid’s head. But, when the kid doesn’t want to go back to the big bad world of the Big Meg, it’s time for Anderson to get inspirational. All really nicely done for sure, and fabulous to see PJ Holden’s artwork again in the Prog.

FINDER & KEEPER – Leah Moore, John Reppion, Davide Tinto, colors Pippa Mather, letters Annie Parkhouse

Meera Hundal and Elliot Hunter are best friends at Stonecraft school, but their latest misdemenour has landed them on community clean-up duty… in the attic and cellar of a big old house, full of mysteries, weird tech, and big nasty ghostly goings-on.

Again, as good as Reppion and Moore’s story is, and it is a particularly great little story, it’s Tinto’s art that is the thing here, all light and bright and perfect fare for all-ages 2000 AD. But, just like with Full Tilt Boogie, it’s something you could also imagine working in the regular Progs.

ROGUE TROOPER – SECRET OF THE KEEP – Cavan Scott and Nick Roche, colors Abigail Bulmer, letters Simon Bowland

Like the Strontium Dog strip last time round in the 2018 Regened Special, this is Rogue Trooper reimagined as something like a Saturday morning cartoon.

Thanks to Nick Roche’s artwork and the brisk pace of Scott’s script, it’s a really great romp, something that would really work as animation and definitely works as a great all-ages strip.

The 2000 AD Regened team all deserve a huge pat on the back for getting this Prog to work so well, with every strip exactly the great all-ages tale it needed to be, but it’s particularly impressive that, across the 5 strips in here, there’s a huge diversity of art styles that all deliver the all-ages goods.

Hopefully, we’ll not only see more regular all-ages Regened 2000 AD in the future, but it would be great to see any of these strips, these creative teams bringing these all-ages strips into 2000 AD for longer runs.

Next issue – back to your usual programming!

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