Obey Me #2 Fails To Improve On The First Issue

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

V and Monte continue their battle against the Viker Gang. Monte still has his new body, and neither he or V can explain it. The Viker leader catches V off guard with an astral weapon that can hurt her, and this leads to V and Monte performing some kind of fusion that only confuses the two further. After this, a sniper ambush almost kills V. This leads to a schism between V and Monte, and the demonic duo split up. Unfortunately, a clandestine paramilitary group called the Iron Eagle Company is hunting them both, and V is charged with taking them down.

Obey Me #2 cover by Ben Herrera
Obey Me #2 cover by Ben Herrera

I rated Obey Me #1 quite harshly, but I wanted to give the series another try. Some of the elements of the premise are interesting, and there is potential for V and Monte to become charming leads. As such, I read Obey Me #2.

Unfortunately, Obey Me #2 proves just as underwhelming as the opening issue. The interplay between V and Monte is not entertaining in any way, and the character conflict between them in this issue is really hard to buy. The characters are shallow, so there’s no precursor to the fight between them and the fight itself feels contrived.

The villains aren’t especially interesting either. There’s no reason presented as to why they’re after V and Monte. The Iron Eagle Company is a pretty standard military-esque villain group.

The dialogue is a bit hard to swallow at many points too.

Obey Me #2 art by Ben Herrera, Emmanuel Ordaz Torres, and letterer Justin Birch
Obey Me #2 art by Ben Herrera, Emmanuel Ordaz Torres, and letterer Justin Birch

At the risk of beating on the comic too hard, Ben Herrera’s artwork fails to impress too. It doesn’t look especially bad at any point, but there’s still no stylistic flair. The transformations V and Monte undergo looks cool, but it’s often obfuscated by the shading. Emmanuel Ordaz Torres’ color work is solid, but it could use more lights to offset the shadows and darkness of the comic.

Obey Me #2 doesn’t deliver on the potential the setup has, and the characters are not engaging or particularly likable. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this one.

Obey Me #2 comes to us from writer Mario Mentasti, artist and cover artist Ben Herrera, color artist Emmanuel Ordaz Torres, letterer Justin Birch.

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