Heathen Returns: #7 Drops In June With Ashley Woods On Pencils

by Richard Bruton

Heathen has been away for a year and a half now, but the hit Viking comic returns with issue 7 in June with Ashley Woods taking the pencilling reigns for more Norse action with Aydis on her quest to end Odin’s rule.

Ashley Woods steps in to the art duties after creator Natasha Alterici had to take time off drawing to look after her hand health (artists, seriously, keep yourselves healthy, RSI and other art/hand based injuries are no joke!). However, Alterici is still writing the book and will be providing inks and colors over Woods wonderful pencils.

This month, we’ll see a re-release of Heathen issues 5 & 6, with the all-new issue 7 released in June.

Here’s what Vault Comics have to say about the issue..

When we last saw Aydis she had to journey to the elusive Heimdall, the living gateway to the land of the gods. But crossing the difficult waters of the Northern Sea has proven more challenging than she expected. Freyja sensed danger for both Aydis and Brynhild and decided to intervene by going to Odin.

Now in issue 7, Freyja arrives at Odin’s keep to find it all but destroyed in a fit of rage perpetrated by the god king himself. She strikes up a philosophical debate, in hopes of buying Brynhild more time. Meanwhile, an ocean storm threatens Aydis and the pirate crew.

Heathen Issue 7, written by Natasha Alterici, pencils by Ashley Woods, inks and colors by Natasha Alterici, letters by Rachel Deering, published by Vault Comics. Heathen Issue 7 is released on 26 June.

Now, a look back at Heathen issue 1, with the Jen Bartel cover and art from Natasha Alterici…

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