Falcom Introduces New Allies To ‘Trails Of Cold Steel III’

by Sage Ashford

NIS America has released a trailer for Falcom’s third entry in their Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel series.  The Cold Steel series is Falcom’s first attempt to bring their long-running Kiseki/Legend of Heroes franchise to consoles, with the first two titles being published for the PlayStation 3.  Trails of Cold Steel 1 was recently ported to PS4, with Trails of Cold Steel II coming June 4th, putting all parts of the current series on the same console.

The Cold Steel series began with the newly created Class VII, an experimental class mixing commoners and royalty, attending Erebonia’s Thors Military Academy. With Trails of Cold Steel III, we see the leader of the original Class VII, Rean Schwarzer, taking charge of an all-new Class VII at Thors Branch Campus, a newly opened extension of his old school.  This trailer introduces us to the students Rean will be teaching, and giving us a sample of their English voice actors as well.  Though the trailer doesn’t explain much of Cold Steel III’s story, the official website promises players will continue to battle against Ouroboros, the organization conspiring behind the scenes for their own dark goals.

Though there’s currently no solid release date, Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III launches in North America/Europe for Sony’s PlayStation 4 this Fall.

Sage Ashford

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