5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail (2018) 32: “The Mightiest Demon In the Book Of Zeref”

by Sage Ashford

Lucy battles Brandish to save her friends. Elsewhere, Mavis sees a familiar face. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. For a character whose power is as simple as “grow and shrink things”, they’ve definitely giving Brandish her just due.  After Natsu points out that they can’t back down from supporting their friends, Brandish’s response is to cause Natsu’s anti-ether tumor to grow again, leaving him incapacitated while she deals with Lucy.  What follows is a pretty neat little fight scene between Brandish and Lucy, where Lucy swaps between her Star Dress forms to try and put up her best fight.

…But barely a few seconds into the fight, Dimaria arrives and points out how absurd it is they’re even fighting.  She basically becomes the person who starts poking holes in how heroes use their powers in films.  She reveals Brandish could’ve just grown to a decent height and stomped on Lucy, or caused Natsu’s orgas to grow large enough to explode out of his body.  They’re valid points, but if she’s that powerful what’s to stop her from doing that to…literally anyone? Is Brandish the most powerful person here, or is there a limit to the people she can affect?

Whatever the answer is, she winds up on the ground after Dimaria tires of her “weakness” and stabs her in the gut, then drags Lucy and Natsu off to punish them for “ruining” her friend.

2. So for those who were keeping track, the reason Mavis couldn’t escape from Zeref and Irene was because Invel was using his Ice Lock ability on her mind, stopping her from thinking of a useful plan. This episode, we learn the second Invel went down, Mavis instantly conjured up an illusion of herself to help her escape Irene–and even doubled down on her illusion game, conjuring up a version of Zeref to get Irene out of the room.  While this only half works, it gets her far enough to reach Mest, who teleports her to safety.

We’ve only got a few episodes left of the manga, so it’s about time the leader of Fairy Tail takes the field.  With her growing conscious again, she also remembers Zera, which leads to her vanishing again. You’d think with her powers she’d be able to make her a stable illusion, especially since now other people can hear her as well, but for now that’s still off the table.  Oh well.  At least we got to see Gajeel and Levy reunite.

3. This was a really strong episode for Lucy. In addition to putting up the best fight against Brandish of anyone who’s actually tried to fight her, she’s really grown nerves of steel fighting with Fairy Tail. Dimaria threatens to torture her, and her response is literally “shut up and do it already”, while staring directly at a knife at her eyes. I think this could’ve only been better if she’d been allowed to bring down either Dimaria or Brandish.

4. ” Tumors give you superpowers” probably wouldn’t be the message most people would send, but when in need of a sudden plot twist, go with what’s there. Turns out, Polyursica’s diagnosis of Natsu was wrong, and the anti-ether-nano tumor is instead something…else. We’ve been waiting for the switch to flip and take us from Natsu Dragneel to Etherious Natsu Dragneel, and here it is.

He awakens just in time to stop Dimaria before things get all gross and go from Fairy Tail to Saw: When the Power of Friendship Fails, and easily knocks her out, leaving Lucy covered in Dimaria’s blood. We don’t know how powerful he is, but we know he’s able to ignore Dimaria’s Time Stop and punch his way out of the basement they’re in.

In a way, this is just in time. With Acnologia, Zeref, August, and Irene wandering around, our heroes need to power up sooner rather than later, starting with our lead guy, or they’re going to lose horribly, and that’s probably not what Mashima had in mind when he started this series. Of course now it doesn’t look like he can control his power anymore. …Well, you can’t win ’em all.

5. Next Episode: Is that a Natsu vs. Gray fight? It’s for all the wrong reasons, but it looks like next week finally gives us the showdown between Ice and Fire we’ve been looking for!

Also, we probably get back to that fight scene with everyone else going up against the remaining forces of the Spriggan 12.  You know, with Mavis freed that’s probably the most important plot point, but let’s be honest: everyone really just wants to see Fairy Tail’s two most feisty members throw down.

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