Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6.17: Catching A Serial Killer & Terry’s Leaving?

by Gary Catig

Most of the gang assemble for their morning meeting and before Holt arrives, Jake comes up with an idea for a prank. At first, he wants to put ink on the podium so the captain gets his hands dirty but decides to tone it down and merely moves the podium a half inch from its original position. When Holt begins to speak with his officers, he notices the slight movement and begins laughing hysterically.

[*Spoilers For 6.17 Ahead!]

There is a string of murders where the bodies are disfigured and their hearts removed. A bidding war occurs between the detectives for who takes the case but Holt eventually assigns the “Spice Boys”, aka, Charles and Jake. Because of the violent nature, the case is high profile and Commissioner Kelly takes an active role to ensure it’s solved. He even offers the services of his new app, Hot Clues, which allows civilians to submit anonymous tips to the NYPD. The app has been successful in solving several cases but Holt forbids his detectives of using it because of his hatred for Kelly.

Desperate for help, the duo turns to Jake’s old cell mate, Caleb. The cannibal child murderer refers them to a Reddit forum which leads them to the possible perpetrator’s car. While keeping tabs on the case, the commissioner tells Peralta and Boyle that Hot Clues received a tip about a car matching their description. Going against their captain’s wishes, the officers take the clue, which leads them to a seedy hotel. Holt secretly follows and confronts them for using the commissioners help. The three of them approach the suspect’s room but just miss him. They do find a murder scene bringing credibility to Kelly’s app.

After analyzing the hotel room, they learn that the murderer is taking hearts for a transplant and trace the potential recipient to a crime boss. They solve the case and later, meet with the commissioner. Holt concedes the utility of Hot Clues but in the process, they learn the anonymous tip came from Kelly’s assistant. Commissioner Kelly has been wiretapping the general public and uses a machine that captures people’s cell phone data like in The Dark Knight Rises. The app is way to use the illegally obtained information towards investigations. Our heroes threaten to blow the whistle on the operation but the commissioner has obtained compromising information on them through his illegal taps. Back at the precinct, Jake assembles his own Suicide Squad to break into Kelly’s office and find any evidence on the Dark Knight machine. His crew includes the Vulture, Madeline Wuntch and Captain C.J. Stentley.

Meanwhile, Terry’s on cloud nine since he’s been promoted to lieutenant. Along with the new rank, he’s looking forward to the pay raise. Unfortunately, he finds out the precinct can’t afford his new salary so he’ll be transferred to Staten Island. His only hope is to convince a co-worker to quit his job. He focuses on Broadway Brian since it would be positive to encourage him to pursue his dream. Jeffords’ plan works but he has second thoughts when he sees Brian can’t either sing or dance. He even feels more guilty when learns Brian is a single dad with two young kids and no savings. Terry gives Brian the hard truth about his talent and convinces him to not give up his day job. Looks like Terry might be the next to leave the Nine-Nine.

This episode served as a good primer for the season finale by leaving plotlines up in the air. The precinct is still embroiled in a season long feud with the commissioner and his morally questionable policing methods. To find evidence to expose Kelly’s misdeeds, it’s an intriguing approach of gathering some of the show’s biggest villains for a real heist. There’s the Vulture, who swoops in taking credit on cases, Wuntch, Holt’s biggest rival, and C.J., Holt’s incompetent replacement from season 4. It’ll be interesting to see this Suicide Squad’s chemistry next episode considering how volatile each member is. There’s also the matter of Terry leaving the Nine-Nine. We’ll have to wait to see if the precinct loses its heart and soul.

My Favorite Lines:

Holt: Commissioner Kelly is breathing down my neck. I need this case handled professionally, maturely.

Jake: Name one time I haven’t acted professionally.

Holt: You’re holding a juice box.

Jake: It stops me from spilling my juice!

Rosa: Some people say mo’ money, mo’ problems but those people are idiots. Money’s amazing.

Coroner: Okay, so whoever did this, they weren’t careful with the organs. They just sorta grabbed whatever and yanked.

Charles: Title of your sex tape. Oh, that’s just something we say back at the Nine-Nine.

Coroner: Interesting because around here, sex tape is what we call the adhesive we use to reattach a severed penis.

Charles: Oh, I’ll have to pick some of that up.

Caleb: I never seen him on there before but you can check the logs. I’ll approve you, I’m an admin. Oh, you might want to change to incognito mode otherwise you’re targeted adds will be pretty cannibal specific.

Hotel Patron: Well, then I would like to lodge a formal complaint. There hasn’t been ice here for days and everyone knows my wine coolers are supposed to be served chilled.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9:00 pm on NBC.

Gary Catig

Gary Catig is west coast raised, east coast educated, and has a touch of southern charm. He has spent most of his adult life making science fiction a reality as an engineer conducting research in the military, microprocessor, and biotechnology fields. While currently living in San Diego, he enjoys all facets of pop culture including but not limited to comics, TV, movies, and music.

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