Tom King Is Apparently Writing The New Gods Movie

by Erik Amaya

It seems Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming New Gods film will have a key talent at its writing desk: Mister Miracle writer Tom King.

At least, it certainly seems this way if the following tweet from New Gods director Ava DuVernay is to be believed:

While no word from Warner Bros. or the industry press has made public, we’re willing to take her word on the matter.

King is, of course, the writer of fine comics like The Sheriff of Babylon, The Omega Men, Vision, and a recent run on Batman. He also wrote Heroes in Crisis, which turned out to be one of his more divisive works. Nonetheless, he has a flair for writing the New Gods may bring the exact spark needed for DuVernay’s film. And, as it happens, rumors have been circulating for sometime indicating the film will focus on Mister Miracle and his wife Big Barda. Is it possible king is adapting his comic book into a screenplay?

More likely, he will write the first big screen introduction of the characters in a more sensible way, like using Jack Kirby’s early concept of sending several New Gods — including Mister Miracle — to Earth at the same time.

DuVernay signed on to the direct the film last year, but little development has happened since until today.

Erik Amaya

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