New Trailer Appears For Netflix’s 7SEEDS Anime

by Sage Ashford

A new trailer for the upcoming Netflix anime 7SEEDS has been made available, set to the series’ official end theme by Majiko, “WISH”.  7SEEDS is the adaptation of a shoujo manga from creator Yumi Tamura, also known for the long running manga series Basara.  7SEEDS is a project being jointly made between animation studio Gonzo and Netflix, with Yukio Takahashi (Prince of Tennis) serving as director while Touko Machida (Allison and Lillia, Dramatical Murder) works on the series composition.

7SEEDS exists in the aftermath of a meteorite hitting planet Earth. To keep humanity from being wiped out, the various Earth’s governments create the Seven Seeds project, where they place a number of young teens in cryogenic storage until the worst environmental effects are over. Once it’s again safe for human life to exist, our main protagonists are allowed to roam the Earth again. But things have drastically changed in the time since they were put into cryogenic storage, and now survival means something completely different, as the plants and wildlife of the world are now completely different from what they once were.

Netflix will air 7SEEDS worldwide this June 28th.

Sage Ashford

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