Art For Art’s Sake #1 – Your Weekly Comicon Comic Art Round-up

by Richard Bruton

There is so much incredible comic art on the Internet. So, here at, we’re going to do you the great service of putting just a little bit of it in front of you every single week, with our new feature, Art For Art’s Sake.

We’ll be your weekly guides to the very best in comic art, whether that’s from the superstars of comics, the leftist of the left-field, up and coming brilliance, or incredible comic art from the past… you’ll see it all, every week at Art For Art’s Sake here at Comicon.

Oh, and if you do have your own favourite artist, maybe someone who deserves wider exposure? Please, do get in touch!

Shall we begin? How about two of my personal favourite artists before we get into things I’ve seen from hither and yon this week?

Raymond Briggs – Ethel & Ernest – the heartbreaking and life-affirming tale of Briggs’ parents. It’s a book that makes me weep every time I read it. And it’s perhaps Briggs’ best work amongst a lifetime of incredible works.

Posy Simmonds – Gemma Bovary. Frankly, I could have picked any of Simmonds’ images from her books. Beautiful, wonderful work…

And now… on with Art For Art’s Sake… let’s start off with some well-knowns…

Steve Ditko – as if you needed telling that one…

Bill Sienkievicz – cover for Detective 1000:

Women of DC by Colleen Doran (Via Browse The Stacks)

And now for some more great art from some you might know, some you might not…

Julie Douchet – visceral, incredible artwork…

Chris Riddell – from his regular Guardian cartoon – “The terrifying clown threatening the Tories – on Theresa May’s party losing support to Nigel Farage’s Brexit party” – And you folks in the USA think you’ve got problems?

Jules Scheele

Steve Bissette with a great piece – Swampy, Abby, and Arcane.

Dan McDaid – The Martian Manhunter

Mike Hoffman – “Ghoularella” teaches basic Reading with TOMB magazine, done for my pal Ronald McFearson

Steven Austin – Tank Girl commission

From David Roach…. “Cover art from Revoir Paris by Francois Schuiten. I’ve loved Schuiten’s art for years ever since seeing it in Heavy Metal and heis still wonderful today.

Dave McKean Joker commission from Comic Art Fans.

Charles Burns – Splash page from Hard Boiled Defective Stories, published by RAW Books & Pantheon Press, 1988. (Via The Bristol Board)

Trina Robbins on Wonder Woman…

Moebius – Blueberry – a master at work.

David Lloyd – the artist on V for Vendetta talks about the Kickback graphic novel – “Kickback is a composite of inspirations. Mostly from crime movies and crime tv shows. And partly from a documentary on airships…” – A fascinating discourse, fabulous artwork. Go look.

Stephen Collins in the Guardian – on that excruciating barber shop experience…

The magnificent Margaux Motin, beautiful artwork that always makes me wish I’d studied French for more than a couple of years when I was 12.

Every year, the Toronto Comic Art Festival comes out with some great imagery… here’s this years from Seth, Lorena Alvarez, and Junji Ito

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