Ubisoft’s ‘Space Monkey Program’ Reveals New Info On Beyond Good and Evil 2

by Sage Ashford

The developers over at Ubisoft Montpellier bring fans another update on the long-awaited game Beyond Good and Evil 2 through its fifth Space Monkey Program livestream.

Though there’s no new gameplay shown, the livestream goes into detail about more of the lore of the game.   They explain how everyone in System 3 begins as a clone, and many of them are genetically-engineered specifically to mine Diwalite, a special mineral which is central to the economy of System 3.   Diwalite is mined in dangerous areas of planets, where sulfur fields are constantly being bombarded with meteorites.  The player’s character is saved from this dangerous lifestyle and brought to the hidden realm of the pirates, then brought before their AI, Primera.  Primera helps bring you into the pirate fold, then challenges you to aid her in finding some of the memories and data she’s lost over the centuries, as the oldest being in the galaxy.

They also discussed their partnership with HitRecord, a way they could allow creative fans of BGE2 to submit music and art to help flesh out the universe.  They’ve decided to continue that partnership and will soon be looking for more contributors to the program.  They also mentioned that one of the sidequests in the game will be tracking down the music and art submitted by users in the game.

Finally, they showed off re-designs of the Mammago, giant, rasta rhinocerii from the original game that are making a re-appearance in the sequel. In this game they’ll again serve as mechanics who will repair the player’s ship and sell them new parts.

Overall, this wasn’t nearly as informative as the previous two Space Monkey livestreams.   It felt more like they had nothing new to show, but wanted to continue their pace of unveiling more about the game every six months.  Hopefully they’ll be able to show us more in December, or they’ll progress far enough to show us all-new gameplay before then.

Sage Ashford

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