Destiny 2 Goes Free-To-Play, Announces New Expansion: Shadowkeep

by Sage Ashford

During Bungie’s latest livestream, the developer laid out the strategy for their game for the future, with a number of new announcements, including the reveal of their latest expansion, Shadowkeep.

Shadowkeep will see players return to the Moon:

New Nightmares have emerged from the shadows of our forgotten Moon. Called forth by haunting visions from her tormented past, Eris Morn has returned and unleashed something that once slumbered beneath the lunar surface – a long dormant power even she cannot control. Return to the Moon. Journey deep into a mysterious enemy citadel. Help Eris slay these nightmares before they reach out beyond the Moon to cast humanity back into an age of darkness.

This new expansion will feature new missions and quests, a new dungeon and area, a new raid, a season pass for Season of the Undying, and of course a bunch of new gear/loot. Shadowkeep will launch later this fall, and will not require any previous Destiny 2 expansions to play.

Players who pre-order Shadowkeep will receive Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind for play now, as well as the Two-Tailed Fox Rocket Launcher and a Hive-themed ornament at launch.  The Digital Deluxe Edition of Shadowkeep will include four season passes for unique seasonal benefits, and items themed after Eris Morn, including an emblem, an exotic ghost, and an exotic emote.

Finally, there’s the Shadowkeep Collector’s Edition, which will include a digital download copy of the game, a digital Shadowkeep soundtrack, and a Collector’s Edition Exclusive Physical Collection Bundle. The bundle will come with an in-game emblem code, a hive cryptograph replica, a Metal Luna Mission Container, a Luna Mission Handbook, a 160 page Luna Journal containing additional story content, and various artifacts from the “golden age” before the time of Destiny began.

Bungie also talked about Destiny 2: New Light.  This will be a new, free-to-play version of Destiny 2, containing all of the major content in the game thus far. The free to play version of Destiny will include all existing modes from PvP and PvE, and will launch on September 17th.

Finally, Bungie confirmed Destiny 2 would be coming to a few new places.  On September 17th, the game will find its way to PC on Steam, while later this fall it will be available for the Google Stadia.  Granted all these new places to play, players will be relieved to learn cross-save will also be available in the fall, allowing players to take their character to any platform by tying it to a single account.

Sage Ashford

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