Tony Stark: Iron Man #12 Goes A Little Middle-Earth And A Little Metal

by Tony Thornley

Gail Simone has very publicly stated that she has one Iron Man story that she wants to tell. Lucky for us, War of the Realms finally gives her the opportunity to do exactly that in Tony Stark: Iron Man #12. And guess what–it involves a DRAGON.

Cover by Alexander Lozano

Gail Simone, Paolo Vilanelli, Edgar Delgado, and Joe Caramagna tell us the story of Sir Anthony and the dragon.

A short time before actually launching his attack on Midgard, Malekith approaches a fierce beast with a proposition. If he eliminates the Man of Iron, he will grant him riches beyond his imagination. Can Tony and the staff of Stark Unlimited fend of the legendary beast while still dealing with the aftermath of the Controller’s attack?

Simone has a great grasp of Tony Stark immediately. She not only is able to inhabit his personality, but also embraces his immediate past to build on the set-up and situation. She also does a fantastic job with Tony’s supporting cast, giving both mainstays and newer members of Stark Unlimited moments to shine, both in interpersonal and action moments.

Vilnelli’s style is very similar to regular artist Valero Schitti, which is an asset to the story. It helps the story feel like a continuation of the last few issues, but also is distinct enough to set itself apart. His splash pages are majestic and exciting, with Delgado’s colors bringing them to vivid like. He has a great eye for action, especially in the last few pages, as Tony and the dragon begin their lethal dance.

This is the sort of guest arc and event tie-in I LOVE. It’s fun, it still feels important, and it’s exciting as hell. It’s absolutely worth picking up.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #12 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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