5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail (2018) 34: “Natsu’s Mind”

by Sage Ashford

Natsu lies unconscious in a rapidly worsening condition.  And Sabertooth struggles with the dangerous Larcade Dragneel. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. So…Makarov’s alive, then. Both Gray and Juvia sustained incredible injury, with Juvia going far enough to attempt to kill herself to break Invel’s Mind Lock and donate blood to Gray to keep him alive.  It’s one thing for Gray, who’s Ice Devil Slayer abilities might make him strong enough to keep living.  It’s another thing for Juvia, short of just suggesting she’s immortal because she can become one with the water.  Since that likely isn’t the case, if we’re this late in the game and we’ve avoided pretty much all casualties aside from one, no matter how severe the damage being dealt out, it’s likely even that one casualty will be rolled back at some point.

2. While Polyrusica, Evergreen, Brandish and Lucy watch over Juvia, Gray, and Natsu, Natsu’s body begins to take a turn for the worst. But on the inside, he’s being taken on a trip through his memories and we have all the missing blanks in his history filled in for us.  Natsu grew up with Zeref and their parents, who look so disturbingly similar to Natsu and Zeref you’d think they were all clones.  They led a simple, happy life until a dragon came along and destroyed their village, leaving their parents and Natsu dead.  As we already know, Zeref wasn’t having this and worked to figure out a way to bring Natsu back until he was cursed by the gods themselves.

Afterwards, he left Natsu with Igneel to help him learn to speak, write, and read. Despite Igneel knowing Natsu’s role as E.N.D., he trains him in the art of being a Flame Dragon Slayer in the hopes he may one day be capable of killing Acnologia.  (At this point, it’d almost be a waste if Acnologia wasn’t responsible for killing their parents.  Fairy Tail’s tying so much of this in a bow, why not that as well?)  After this, things get real Final Fantasy VIII, as we learn all the Dragon Slayers once knew one another and spent time together periodically when their parents gathered to discuss strategies.  Apparently they all forgot thanks to the use of the Guardian Forces Dragon Soul technique which sent them from the past into the present day.  Of course in that case it’s weird Wendy is so young compared to everyone else, but this section largely exists to give Natsu a full sense of self for his inevitable Final Power-Up he’ll get soon enough.

3. I was wondering what Larcade’s power actually was, considering up until now he just seemed to be the Orgasm Mage.  Turns out, his magic can control all the major wants of humanity: sex, food, and sleep. Gotta give it to Mashima, if he could’ve somehow included “a solution to the crushing existentialist dread from believing nothing you do matters” to Larcade’s powers, he would’ve had us pegged.

Anyway, Sting shows up on the scene and immediately curtails Larcade’s biggest advantage by simply consuming Larcade’s weird magic tentacles. As a “White Dragon Slayer”, someone using Holy/White Magic on Sting is basically just offering him food.  With that ability negated, Larcade has to switch to his other two major powers.

4. ….Fairy Tail why you gotta be so weird?

Honestly, this arc had the potential to be the darkest of any Fairy Tail arc–even beating out Tartaros. But instead half of the Spriggan 12, despite being absurdly powerful, are just too goofy to take serious. Larcade legit has the ability to make opponents so ravenous they will attempt to eat their own allies. That’s terrifying as a power, but it’s far too dark for Fairy Tail to actually do anything with–even though That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime devoted an entire arc to an enemy who consumed anyone who got in his path and still remained one of the lighter-hearted series from the Fall. So yeah, Mashima using humor to get away from showing how powerful the last antagonists in the series are is frustrating.

5. This only makes sense. After overcoming all of Larcade’s most dangerous spells, Sting receives help in the form of his partner Rogue, the Shadow Dragon Slayer. The two combine their powers to allow Sting to go into White Shadow Dragon mode. It’s something we’ve seen with Future Rogue, and it helps explain why the two are always together–when they combine one another’s powers they can reach heights that would be impossible alone. Hopefully this way he can bring some honor back to the Sabertooth guild–they’ve gone from Fairy Tail Lite to Larcade saying “I’ve never heard of your guild” in just three arcs, someone’s gotta put them on the map again.

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