Art For Art’s Sake #7 – The Whole World Of Comic Art

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake, where we take a look round the world of comic book artistry from near and far. And there’s so much fabulous artwork out there. We’re going to show you new and old, familiar and completely new, here at Comicon every single week… shall we begin?

It’s summertime… Arthur de Pins illustration (From The Lakes International FB page)

Jacques Tardi… genius…

The late, great, much missed John HicklentonJudge Dredd

Jamie Hewlett

The Shadow by Matt Kindt (Via Paul Serene)

Thor by Babs Tarr

Supergirl by Amy Reeder (Via Failed Mad Scientist)

Rian Hughes – brilliant imagery from Grant Morrison’s Invisibles

Richard Case from Doom Patrol, another Grant Morrison thing…

Uncovered by David Roach – “Here’s a real oddity from the first Heritage European auction- a Conan illustration by French comics maverick Phillipe Druillet. I’m not sure where this appeared, but it’s certainly a fascinating

Steve Dillon Dredd (from the 2000 AD original art facebook page)

Darwyn Cooke cover to The Twilight Children

Black Panther Issue 15 by Daniel Acuna (Via Art Vault)

Trina RobbinsWimmen’s Comix – 1989

Next up, the wonderful Gladys Parker and a page of Mopsy – a strip she began in 1939, whom she reportedly modelled on herself in looks and wit. Originally a student of fashion illustration in New York, she wrote and drew newspaper strips with the same gorgeous style you see below.

This is one of those wonderful bits of linkage I love when doing these art posts for you – I have to admit that I’d never heard about Parker until I put up that lovely Robbins piece above and discovered that she’s writing a biography of Parker. One to look for and definitely not the last you’ll see of her work here! (From The Daily Cartoonist)

And more from the Trina Robbins link, The Brinkley Girls: The Best of Nell Brinkley‘s Cartoons from 1913-1940, edited by Trina Robbins… the linework you see on Nell Brinkley’s work is simply incredible. it’s no wonder she’s referred to as the ‘Queen of Comics’.

And just to show you how gorgeous it is… a detail…

and this… and this… and this…

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