Doom Patrol SDCC Bag Indicates Season 2 Renewal

by Erik Amaya

We’re reading the tea leaves with this, but it is because we’re excited at the prospect of more Doom Patrol.

The Unofficial SDCC Blog — a truly valuable resource for those descending on San Diego this week — has the full range of official CCI swag bags sponsored and designed by Warner Bros. Television. They feature new shows like Pennyworth, Watchmen, and Batwoman and returning programs like Supernatural and Arrow — both proudly declaring their upcoming season will be their last. And since the bags promote new content, we couldn’t help but notice DC Universe’s Doom Patrol earned a bag alongside stablemates Titans and Young Justice.

Considering the program finished its first season in May, we’re taking this as a good sign that the series will return sometime in 2020. Titans is due back sometime this year and, presumably, Young Justice will continue into a fourth season. DC Universe’s 2020 slate also promises the debut of the long-in-the-works Harley Quinn animated series and a Stargirl live action series. But after the abrupt cancellation of Swamp Thing, we assumed only in-production shows like Harley and Titans would return. No official word on Doom Patrol‘s fate has been made.

Of course, it is still possible Doom Patrol is done, but this seems a little more unlikely if Warner Bros. Television is putting it on a Comic-Con bag.

The series really is DC Universe’s must-watch show — although we’d put Swamp Thing in that grouping as well — and the reason you should finally use that free trial. And you could always remain a subscriber for a few months to guarantee these surprisingly high quality shows get a few more seasons.

In the meantime, DC Universe will be making one or two announcements regarding its 2020 slate during their Comic-Con presentation on Saturday.

Erik Amaya

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