Rob Guillory’s Farmhand To Get The AMC TV Treatment

by Erik Amaya

Though AMC’s comic book inspired content revolves around The Walking Dead, it is trying to reach out into different types of stories.

TVLine reports Rob Guillory’s Farmhand will be the next comic book developed by the cable channel into a series. The tale centers on Jedidiah Jenkins, a farmer in the American south whose grows and sells fast-healing, plug-and-play human organs. And as TVLine puts it, “though Jed’s organic transplants have brought healing to many for years, something sinister has taken root deep in the soil of the Jenkins Family Farm.”

Into the Badland‘s LaToya Morgan will guide development of the comic book series into its television form.

The move comes in light of AMC’s other non-TWD comic book series, Preacher entering its final season in August. TVLine also notes the project comes from a new diversity initiative aiming to bring non-traditional voices onto the channel. And considering the dominance of The Walking Dead in terms of AMC’s genre output, concepts like Farmhand can only make the network more robust.

Provided they are willing to give non-traditional voices the amount of time if gave The Walking Dead and Preacher, of course.

Erik Amaya

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