Rumor: Keanu Reeves Will Play Moon Knight In An R-Rated MCU Film Directed By Darren Aronofsky

by Tito W. James

I’ll start off by saying that the basis for this rumor is sketchy at best, based solely on the odd convention conversation and online forum. However, if the rumor is true and Keanu Reeves is in fact playing Moon Knight in an MCU film directed by Darren Aronofsky, it would be beyond my wildest dreams.

It should be noted that Moon Knight is often compared to Batman, a character who Aronofsky was slated to direct and that Reeves auditioned for multiple times. With Moon Knight, both actor and director would be able to give their take on a Batman-esque character without the pressure of being compared to the Dark Knight.

That’s not to say that Moon Knight is just a Batman rip-off. While Batman fights insane people, Moon Knight is insane or perhaps possessed. Reeves would make a perfect Moon Knight. He can play the slick, suited role of Mr. Knight, the supernatural role of Khonshu, with the crazy, multiple personalties of Marc Spector going along for the ride.

Aronofsky is well practiced in creating films where the sanity of the protagonist is in question. He’s also able to utilize supernatural elements in a way that feels grounded, yet disturbing.

Marvel has had enough success with the Avengers films that they can afford to dive into darker and more bizarre territory. For now, Keanu Reeves as Moon Knight may only be a rumor, but there’s a passionate group of fans who want to see this film come to light.

Tito W. James

Tito W. James is a journalist writing for with a focus is on highlighting high quality independent content. His comics draw heavy influence from hand drawn animation and incorporate action and comedy into various genres.

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