Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition adds E.Honda, Lucia, and Poison

by Sage Ashford

Capcom has revealed several new characters coming to their Super Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition game.   First, veteran character and professional sumo wrestler E. Honda returns to the game, bringing a brand new stage to the game: the classic “Honda Sento” bathhouse.  E. Honda is the last member of the Street Fighter II roster to join this iteration of the game.

Next, there’s Lucia, a character from Capcom’s Final Fight 3.  Working alongside the Metro City Police Department as a detective, Lucia subdues opponents with an array of kicks.  Her V-Trigger, Burning Fight, gives a boost to the strength of all her kick attacks.

Finally, there’s Poison, a primary character from the Final Fight universe returning to the world of Street Fighter once again.  Her V-Trigger is Poison Cocktail, a special molotov of Poison’s own design.

These characters will be available beginning August 4th (the last day of EVO) for $5.99 (or 100,000 FM) each.  A special bundle featuring all three characters and their costumes will be on sale the following day for $14.99.

Sage Ashford

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