Syfy Detonates Krypton; Passes On Lobo

by Erik Amaya

Syfy is out of the DC Comics universe-building business.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cable channel has cancelled Krypton following the airing of its second season finale this past Wednesday. Despite a strong showing in its first year, the series lost half its viewers across the two seasons and, as the site notes, the program was produced by a outside company; leading to a quick cancellation.

Which, of course, is a shame as the series really found its strength in writing and performance in its second year. The show grew beyond its trappings as a Superman prequel into a program about genuinely interesting characters and relationships. It was also a prefect showcase for cosmic DC characters like Lobo (Emmett J. Scanlan) and Brainiac (Blake Ritson). The now-series finale also teased the arrival of Thanagarians and the Omega Men. Additionally, when we recently spoke with star Cameron Cuffe, he suggested telling Adam Strange’s (Shaun Sipos) story without visiting Rann would be “impossible.”

But, sadly, as Krypton leaned more into its sci-fi trappings, it became an ill-fit for Syfy.

The network has also passed on its planned Lobo series led by Scanlan and Krypton showrunner Cameron Welsh, but Warner Horizon — the company behind both series — will shop it elsewhere. Hopefully, it will find a home and, maybe, pay off some of Krypton‘s cliffhangers.

Erik Amaya

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