Art For Art’s Sake # 13 – Comics = Art

by Richard Bruton

We all know that comics is an artform, right? Which means that comic art is art in itself, right? Oh yes it is, absolutely it is. So that’s why we do the weekly Art For Art’s Sake thing here at Comicon – picking out the very best comic art I’ve seen in the last week… and we’ll start with a favourite of mine…

Margaux Motin – On vacations… if you need the translation…

“When we go on holiday.”
“3 t-shirts, 2 shorts and a pair of flip-flops… and you?”

Marc Hempel – Gregory – “Just posted to my Patreon page (viewable to all) – a vintage Gregory™ strip from 1989!!!

Giannis Milonogiannis

Chris Weston – oh, what a wonderful commission going to some lucky so and so – Hellboy at Beachy Head, Eastbourne

David Hitchcock – Batman & Dredd commission

Michael Kaluta – Pin-up from The Rocketeer Adventure Magazine #1 – 1988 (Via Comics, Most of the Time)

Colleen Cover – Small Favours

Esteban Maroto – Amethyst #4 – 1988 – beautiful artwork…

Babs Tarr – Nancy Drew #2 Cover

OMAC by Daniel Warren Johnson (Via Spaceship Rocket)

Katsuhiro Otomo –  Tokyo Chang-Pong  1978 (Via Ear Splitting Trumpet)

Tomer Hanuka – New Yorker cover

Brian Bolland – cover to Bodies…

Dustin Nguyen – Batman: Li’l Gotham #5 (2014)

Pascal Campion

Rufus Dayglo – Last Gang In Town

Paolo Rivera

Jamie Smart – “I found a load of posters I did for old Marvel films. They’re still not replying to my emails though”. Do remember to check out his books – Bunny Vs Monkey, in particular, is a laugh riot!


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