Wailing Blade #3 Introduces Us To Bonebreaker And Her Wrackhammer

by James Ferguson

It’s one thing to break into Ordz to save a man by posing as the Headtaker. It’s quite another to face off against another executioner that’s just as deadly. That’s what Tychon needs to do if he hopes to bring his father, Auros back alive. Fortunately, he’s got the Wailing Blade in his hand, but will it be enough to stop the Bonebreaker armed with the powerful Wrackhammer?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Wailing Blade is a pretty crazy comic. The names of the characters and their weapons are enough to pique my interest. Writer Rich Douek further expands upon the mythos established in the first issue, showing more of this world. Unlike something like The Phantom Menace, it’s pretty interesting to see squabbles play out between rival executioners and their handlers. Having lives on the line helps.

You can cut the tension with a knife as the aloof Nierus oversees an argument between the handlers. These two are screaming at each other for the right to murder a man. Granted, Clytus, the Headtaker’s former servant is in on Tychon’s plan to save his father, but he can’t really be trusted. There’s a conniving look in his eye so I fully expect him to pull a fast one sooner or later.

Everything in Wailing Blade feels huge and epic. The executioners are the perfect example of this. Artist Joe Mulvey depicts them as larger-than-life hulking beasts with weapons that are even bigger than them. Judging from their appearance, they probably don’t even need weapons to put down their enemies. These instruments of pain only serve to reinforce their deadly nature.

There’s a pinch of sci-fi in Wailing Blade, mostly coming from the weapons. Colorist Chris Sotomayor gives them an eerie neon green glow, like something out of The Tommyknockers. This contrasts to the rest of this world filled with gritty fantasy elements.

It’s interesting to see how Tychon’s humanity can still poke through the dark and menacing visage of the Headtaker. He may be clad in the uniform of this heartless monster, but he’s still a man underneath. I’m curious to see if this starts to get into his head a bit and how wielding the Wailing Blade will affect him.

While all this is happening, Auros is wallowing in a jail cell. His head is trapped in a horrifying contraption full of wasps. Mulvey captures the look of sheer terror on the man’s face with his eyes bulging out of the mask. Letterer Taylor Esposito highlights Auros’ muffled screams that further emphasize the man’s anguish. Based on his struggles, it makes me wonder if he’s trying to communicate something to warn his would-be saviors.

The excitement continues to rise in Wailing Blade. This big, bold fantasy epic has only grown in size and scope as the story moves along. I was pulled in by the great concept and intriguing visuals and now I’m hooked with the compelling tale of a man going to such great lengths to save his father. How much farther will Tychon go?

Wailing Blade #3 from ComixTribe is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology.

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