Terry Bogard And Banjo-Kazooie Come To Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

by Sage Ashford

The long-awaited Banjo-Kazooie character has finally been added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  But Nintendo has also confirmed the fourth downloadable character in a second, separate trailer.

This is easily one of the best trailers ever done for a guest character. It shows the original Neo-Geo system that released in 1990, then continues the trailer to show off the breadth of SNK’s IPs before finally revealing Terry Bogard, of Fatal Fury and King of Fighters fame.

Nintendo also confirmed the existence of a second set of downloadable characters, which is probably the least surprising decision of them all.  Smash Bros. Ultimate has been tremendously popular, and it seems only right that they continue to support the title. Setting aside concerns of balance issues, there’s really no reason to release another Smash title anytime soon.  With that in mind, the cast is already absurdly large and they have one of the most faithful fanbases there is.  Why not continue to add to the game’s roster for the next few years? It’s already at 80 characters–if the game can do it without breaking down, why not push to 100?

Lastly, Nintendo also released information on additional Mii Fighters being added to the game:

Banjo-Kazooie is available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now, while Terry Bogard will be available sometime in November.

Sage Ashford

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