The Greatest Show In The Unknown Begins In Over The Garden Wall: Circus Friends First Look

by James Ferguson

Boom! Studios has shared an early preview of Over the Garden Wall: Circus Friends, an original graphic novel set in the world of the Cartoon Network animated series, Over the Garden Wall. Written by Jonathan Case and illustrated by John Golden, the comic takes Greg, Wirt, and Beatrice deeper into the Unknown as they search for a path home. Instead, they find a distraught strongman and clown who have run away from the circus…due to artistic differences. When they head back to the big top, the greedy Ringmaster takes Beatrice for his newest act. Greg and Wirt will have to join forces with the reluctant circus acts to save their friend and escape from the biggest show in the Unknown.

Over the Garden Wall: Circus Friends features a cover by Jim Campbell. It will be published under Boom! Studios’ KaBoom! imprint, alongside other books geared towards middle grade and younger readers. You can find the graphic novel at your local comic shop on October 2nd, 2019 and at bookstores and Amazon on October 8th, 2019.

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