The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance 1.3 – Even Gelflings Are Racist

by Gary Catig

[*Spoilers For 1.3 Ahead!]

The Search for Truth

Brea begins her work with the Order of Lesser Service by participating in The Deterge. In order to cleanse herself of her mistakes, she must clean those who are less fortunate. In this case, a particularly filthy village of Podlings. Still obsessed with the symbol from her vision, the princess ditches her responsibilities to return home.

She sneaks into her mother’s throne room to retrieve the brightest gem. Brea then brings it to the Sifa Clan soothsayer she met previously. However, the gem is actually a chrysalis of the imperial unamoth, the totem animal of the Vapra. After the moth emerges from the cocoon, it leads the princess back to the throne room and activates a hidden door. Hoping the answers she seeks are inside, Brea enters the secret passageway.

Visiting the Stone in the Wood

Elsewhere, Deet and Hup continue their voyage to Ha’rar while the Podling explains how most Gelflings are unwelcoming to those outside their clan. They experience this lack of hospitality when they make a pitstop at Stone in the Wood, the capital of the Stonewood Clan.

While at a pub, the other Gelflings talk behind Deet’s back insulting her and fail to acknowledge her presence. One brazen patron trips the Grottan, which causes Hup to come to her defense. An all-out brawl breaks out and Deet’s companion is arrested. She tries to speak with the leader, Maudra Fara, but isn’t granted an audience since she’s an outsider.

Someone who is granted a chance to speak with Maudra Fara is Rian. Since he’s still a wanted for murder, he takes a big risk coming back to his people and hopes they will listen to the truth. Unfortunately, his father beat him there and convinces Maudra Fara that he is unwell. Rian must make another daring escape to avoid capture again.

Without the support of the Stonewood, he is truly all alone. As he struggles to make a fire, Deet happens to come by and helps him. This is the first kind gesture he’s received in a while and he’s intrigued to meet someone not afraid of him. The two exchange pleasantries and Deet leaves to try to free Hup.

The Schemer and the Has Been

Back at Capital of Thra, The Chamberlain is working his angles. First, he pays Gurjin a visit. The Gelfling has been tight lipped about the whereabouts of Rian, even under torture so he tries a different approach. First, he tries to sweet talk the prisoner but turns to intimidation when he’s unsuccessful. Loyal to his friend, Gurjin doesn’t break.

The Chamberlain then tries to smooth things over with The Scientist who is now sporting a steampunk inspired mechanical eye. He offers his colleague two Gruenaks, a thought to be extinct race, as new specimens for research. What’s especially attractive is that their mouths are sewn shut so they won’t talk back. The Scientist accepts the olive branch and adds them to his menagerie.

Finally, Aughra arrives at the castle and confronts the Skeksis about Thra dying. She is quickly dismissed and escorted away. The Skeksis feel Aughra lost any say in Thra because of her long absence and that they are the supreme rulers now. On her way out, she passes The Crystal and sees a vision within it. Since the Skeksis can now extract the essence from Gelflings, their spirits can no longer return to the cycle of life thus disrupting the natural balance. She must reconnect to the planet to help save Thra.

This episode was light on action but heavy on answers. We learned exactly what is wrong with Thra. Also, so far, there have been separate story lines isolated from each other and now we’re starting to see them converge a little bit. Brea’s sister, Tavra, is sent to track down Rian. Moreover, two of the main leads, Rian and Deet, meet for the first time. It’s nice to see some of the moving pieces of the story come closer together.

There is also some foreshadowing as littered throughout are examples of the different Gelfling not getting along. There are subtle references like Tavra mentioning it or how an Order of Lesser Service member was there as punishment for loving outside her clan. Then there is the outright racism Deet experiences. There will be difficulty in uniting all the Gelfling to confront the Skeksis eventually.

Gary Catig

Gary Catig is west coast raised, east coast educated, and has a touch of southern charm. He has spent most of his adult life making science fiction a reality as an engineer conducting research in the military, microprocessor, and biotechnology fields. While currently living in San Diego, he enjoys all facets of pop culture including but not limited to comics, TV, movies, and music.

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