Guilty Gear Introduces May In Combat Trailer Featuring Sol And Ky

by Sage Ashford

Though Guilty Gear was revealed at this year’s EVO tournament, we hadn’t seen anything from them since then. But this past week at Tokyo Game Show, ArcSystemWorks offered a new trailer giving us a look at Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske in combat.  Then at the end of the trailer, they showed off a new character in Mai, and explained we’d be getting a new trailer at CEOtaku at the end of September.

There’s also been a new interview with ArcSystemWorks by Famitsu, that’s been translated here. The interview goes into detail on the new Guilty Gear, including some rather confusing bits on the status to this game’s place in the current canon.


[It was commented at the event that this is not a sequel to GUILTY GEAR but a completely new work, but there isn’t any X or number in the title?]

Ishiwatari: We didn’t give this a subtitle or number at the time, but we’re exploring how we should treat this new work.

Katano: I’m making it clear that it’s not part of the Xrd Series.

In this title, I’d like to emphasize the stance of creating a new fighting game with ARC System Works, a brand new work for GUILTY GEAR.

[Is the Xrd Series now complete with Rev2?]

Ishiwatari: In terms that being a game I worked on (Under soley Ishiwatari), you can think of it as complete with Rev2… However as part of the story on the whole, the series continues.

Katano: Rev2 is not scheduled to be upgraded as a game in the future.  I would like to follow up on the people who still play it right now, but that’s not something I can promise you at this stage.

[Including May that was announced today, four characters in total have been released at present.  I don’t think you can say anything else at this stage, but what is the total number of characters for the roster?]

Ishiwatari: Because everything is being remade, labor has occurred in its own way.  I don’t think all the characters from previous games will appear from the timing of the release date (2020).

Katano: I think many of you are wondering how the continuity follows from Rev2, but I’m making this game from scratch as a completely new work.  None of this will deviate from the previous work’s story, so expect it to include aspects of it.

As much as is possible, we want to make a game in a way that will meet all your expectations.


That doesn’t necessarily all make sense, but fortunately it’s a fighting game so it doesn’t have to make sense from a story perspective as long as the game is enjoyable.  Simultaneously though, this is going to wind up being a headache for people who care about the canon to figure out on their own.

Guilty Gear releases on PlayStation 4 in 2020.

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