Tales Of Arise Gets New Trailer For TGS

by Sage Ashford

During the weekend, Bandai-Namco revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Tales of Arise game.  The trailer goes into detail on the two lead characters, and teases a third member who will be joining them.  So far, what we know is that Shionne’s group of people–Renans–are able to use Artes, which manipulate the Astral power within everyone.

On the other end there’s Alphen, a young man using a Fire Sword powered by Astral Energy, but it burns the user each time they use it.  Alphen does not feel pain, making him capable of using the sword, but Shionne heals his body so he can continue to wield it on their mission.

This is still fairly light work as far as information goes, though.  We’ve waited three months since the game leaked right before E3 to learn about this title, and the first big showing we get is sixty seconds of background information?   However, we’re still getting to see much of the world of Arise, leaving us still wow’d by how much the art style has changed for this latest version of Tales.

Personally, Tales has always lost me at some point during every version of the game. Even when they had good characters like Berseria, there was a flatness to the background environments that felt stale and hard to immerse myself in.  This brought out other, tinier flaws that made the game hard to enjoy.  Hopefully with Arise these complaints will be erased, as it looks like they’re putting the effort in to make it their AAA RPG franchise.

Tales of Arise releases on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in 2020.

Sage Ashford

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