Get Ready For #Roktober With Rok The God Preview Edition And Kickstarter

by Richard Bruton

It’s nearly time for the brand new series featuring Rok of the Reds, the world’s first alien footballer, when Rok The God launches on Kickstarter October 2nd, but before then, there’s a chance to get the first chapter right now.

Rok Of The Reds was a great series from the creative team of John Wagner, Alan Grant and Dan Cornwell, alongside colorist Abi Bulmer and letterer Jim Campbell, telling the tale of an alien come to Earth who takes the body of the Radford Red’s star striker.

On October 2, Wagner, Grant, and Cornwell will be launching a Kickstarter to fund the next Rok of the Reds tale, Rok The God, published by Rok Comics.

It will be published as a complete graphic novel and tells the tale of the death of Rok’s mother, Lady Vorga, and Rok’s subsequent ascent to Godhood. But there’s a catch, Rok wants no part of it, as it comes with bitter enemies in the shape of the Skrel, a cunning and murderous alien race.

And of course, all this God stuff is getting in the way of Rok’s continued love of playing for Radford Reds. But, that’s not the only problem for the Reds, as they’re taken over by Malcolm Griedy, not the best result for the club at all.

Before the Kickstarter launches, you can get hold of a 20-page Rok The God comic, with the complete first chapter, either as a free digital copy or a print copy for just £4 plus p&p. To get hold of the free digital copy, just hit this link, and to get hold of a print copy just message Dan Cornwell or Rok of the Reds on Facebook, and keep up with all things Rok at the website.

The Kickstarter will have plenty of rewards attached, including a Simon Bisley poster, a Brian Bolland variant cover, original sketches from series artist Dan Cornwell, and much more.

But before then, go and enjoy the delights of Rok The God!

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