IDW Talks New Releases At NYCC 2019

by Koom Kankesan

Scott Dunbier and Dirk Wood were on hand at NYCC to talk about their upcoming Artist Editions and Artifact Editions. Artist Editions reprint high resolution scans of full collections of original comic art at their actual size while Artifact Editions do the same thing but do not have the complete set of pages – it can be very hard to track down all the original artwork for a given run. Artisan Editions are smaller, more affordable reprints.

Scott talked about the fact that they’ve put out 75 Artifact Editions and are therefore slowing down to three or four per year but those three or four are goung to consist of premium art. He mentioned that it’s getting harder to find top notch art.

Key to producing these editions is a good scanner, according to Scott – an Epson Excel 10,000 or better and good software that can speed up the process. IDW has its own special program and Scott talked about the vagaries of scanning art, some of which he has to do on the road. He mentioned that he scanned 250 pages in his hotel room during the last SDCC.

Here are the upcoming releases/subjects in the near and far future with photos of their accompanying slides from the presentation:

Roy G. Krenkel

John Byrne Marvel Classics Artifact Edition

Dave Cockrum’s X-Men Artifact Edition

Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Artist’s Edition

Darwyn Cooke

Darwyn Cooke – The Martini Edition: Last Call

EC Comics Covers Artist’s Edition

The Marvel Art of the Brothers Hildebrandt

Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Artisan Edition

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