Swag! James’ NYCC 2019 Haul

by James Ferguson

New York Comic Con 2019 was my busiest one yet, jumping from one side of the Jacob Javits Center to another to take in everything and handle each aspect. I was able to pick up some pretty cool stuff along the way including comics (of course), prints, and so many pins.

You can’t go to a convention and not pick up a free Dark Horse Comics bag. This is a handy item as I was able to throw everything I picked up right into the bag and keep moving. Many booths are just handing out free stuff like previews, stickers, and post cards and it can be a pain to carry all that around. Not with the trusty bag. The Expanse cup on the top right came from their booth activation.

Prints! I’m running out of room on my walls so I had to limit these this year. The only one I sought out was the Spider-Punk limited print from artist Nooligan. This is not the first print I’ve purchased from him. I’m a big fan of his work. This was a tough call because he had a great Stan Lee image that I also really wanted. The small Harley Quinn print is also from him. The one on the top came from the pop-up Harley Quinn gallery.

Pins were what I was really after at this year’s NYCC and I made out like a bandit. DC was giving out a different Harley Quinn pin every day for DC Universe subscribers so I got the whole set, plus an extra one from the gallery. I found these really cool wooden ones from artist Charles Thurston in Artists Alley. I’ve had my eye on those Power Rangers ones since SDCC which I didn’t attend, so I’m glad there were still some available. I wish I could have gotten a whole lot more but I had to limit them to three.

Comics are why I was at NYCC in the first place so I had to get some. These were some strategic pick-ups as I need to expand my reading a bit. The ones in the first column are from Albatross Funny Books and the middle are from Vault Comics. The one one the right are advance reader copies from Random House Graphic, a new imprint for kids comics. There are some exciting things planned for those.

More comics! I met the guys at Mad Cave Studios and picked up some of their new books. The Power Rangers / TMNT preview book was given to everyone attending the Power Rangers panel. It has an exclusive cover featuring Michelangelo’s weapon instead of Leonardo’s.

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