Soul Calibur Promises ‘New Moves’ For Season 2

by Sage Ashford

It’s difficult to believe a new Soul Calibur has been on the market for the past year, considering how little fanfare it got. The series came and went, largely due to it releasing in the midst of a ton of heavy hitters last Fall (Spider-Man, AC: Odyssey, RDR2). But Namco-Bandai hasn’t given up on the title, and is actually releasing a season 2 for the game, complete with four new characters including Haohmaru, from Samurai Shodown.

But that’s not all the game doing for it’s second season. The game is also getting an update which will be free for all players, featuring new moves for every character in the game. This update will come alongside Season 2, which still has no known release date.

As it becomes more of a habit to support games for beyond a few months after release, fighting games have gradually become more comfortable with doing more than a single season worth of characters and additional content.  Dragon Ball FighterZ is still getting support, and most recently Capcom confirmed they were going to be talking about additional characters for Street Fighter V soon.  Could we be far off from an era where fighters come out once a generation, and simply make tweaks and add-ons until the next?

Soul Calibur VI is available now for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Sage Ashford

A writer with way too many hobbies, Sage can often be found catching up on the latest anime, or reading a stack of comics between Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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