Marvel’s Avengers – Gameplay Overview Trailer

by Sage Ashford

Though the release date of Marvel’s Avengers is still over half a year off, Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics have released a gameplay overview trailer, talking about some of the things that will be possible in the title when it releases next year.  More from the PlayStation Blog follows:

Asymmetrical co-op is a big focus

Not a shocker here, but the Avengers’ unique combat styles complement one another.

“We know everyone is wondering how co-op works, and we’re excited to go into more detail in early 2020,” Hughes says. “However, we can give a quick overview in the meantime! As you see in the video, there are two different types of missions: Hero Missions and Warzone Missions. Hero Missions are single-player only and are part of the overall Campaign. These Hero Missions are specific canvases to showcase each hero as you reassemble them to your growing roster. Warzone Missions can be played solo or with a group of up to four players as any Hero in your roster, allowing you to embody an Avenger within a team of Avengers! Each mission scales based on the team size and makeup.”

“While you’ll be taking control of iconic characters, player choice is important to our experience. Players can customize each of their Hero’s Gear, Skills, and choose from a diverse array of Outfits, all of which creates a personal experience. For instance, one player might play Thor as an AOE damage dealer controlling the crowd, but an ally could build him up primarily focused on melee tactics. It is critical that we deliver the true feeling of being each unique Super Hero — it’s the Avengers after all!

You can fast-track straight to multiplayer if you want

Or hey, you can head right into the co-op missions that exist outside of the campaign if you prefer, after completing the introductory “A-Day” battle. “The caveat there is that you’ll be exposed to spoilers” from the campaign, Hughes cautioned.

Your character progress will be persistent between modes

Another thoughtful touch from Crystal Dynamics. Your character’s progress will persist across different play modes, so you can jump between the campaign and co-op missions whenever you want without missing a beat. Another bonus: you and a friend can team up online, and the game will scale the difficulty to accommodate. A feat worthy of the Avengers!

There are many ways to customize your Super Hero abilities

As you gain levels, you’ll be able to purchase new abilities via skill trees. Though many of these skills will upgrade your attack power, you’ll also be making choices between different build types.

“We have a vast amount of Gear unique to each Super Hero in Marvel’s Avengers, each with its own rarity, stats, and Perks to unlock,” Hughes says. “When we say ‘play your way,’ we mean it. Players can dive deep into min-maxing their hero build through Skills and Gear. Players can switch out Gear and choose which pieces suit individual playstyles as new, better Gear is discovered or earned, allowing them to further tune their playstyle.”

“For Gear — the real powers are found by unlocking their innate Perks. Perks are unique modifiers tied to Gear that augment or enhance how each Super Hero plays — examples of Perks are the ability to unleash an AOE Burst upon taking damage or faster recharging Heroics. In addition, Branded Gear Sets, which enable more custom builds with stat bonuses are present in the game. Gear — and Skills — are a foundational part of our progression system and allow players to really flex their creativity. This, combined with the crazy number of purely cosmetic Outfits available for each Super Hero, will make everyone feel unique. What you’re seeing in the Game Overview video is pre-Alpha so it’s subject to change and evolve as we develop the game.”

New suits will be cosmetic only

The game’s detailed visual customization will allow you to unlock (or purchase) new suits and outfits as you play, but the fashion upgrades won’t affect gameplay. There will be “…no loot boxes, no pay-to-win, you’re not going to be paying money to beat the game or be better at the game,” Hughes clarified.

Outfits will be a combination of fan favorites from comics, the colorful and rich designs present in eighty plus years of Marvel history and new designs that are completely original to the game.

That’s a ton of information, and it clears up quite a bit in terms of gameplay loop as well as what’s to be expected when it comes to paying for future support.   Most of the money will come from players paying for costumes, which will doubtless be just as successful as they’re betting it is–everyone loves tricking out their favorite characters.

What’s still up in the air are the two biggest questions, though: how much content is in the game outside of the single-player campaign, and how many heroes will launch with the game at the beginning?   Though Crystal Dynamics claims the main story will run roughly 12-15 hours, that seems to apply only to the Hero Missions.  Hopefully, the Warzone Missions will expand how much content is there considerably, as they don’t just focus on players who want to play every character, but those who simply want to be one or two.

At the same time, since this isn’t set in the MCU, they’ve got a much wider group of heroes to draw from–hopefully they don’t just stick to the base five and Kamala.

Marvel’s Avengers launches May 15th, 2020 for Xbox One, Stadia, PS4, and PC.

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