Legends Of Tomorrow Returns January 21 As The CW Firms Up Mid-Season Calendar

by Erik Amaya

Praise Beebo! We’re only a few short months from the return of Legends of Tomorrow.

The goofiest of all the Arrowverse shows returns Tuesday, January 21st at 9pm, taking Arrow‘s slot, which will air at 8pm that week and take over the entire Tuesday night slot the following week for its series finale. The Flash will presumably return from its post-Crisis hiatus on February 4th and become Legends‘ lead-in. If not for the loss of Arrow, we’d say it was restoring the proper balance of DC superheroes on The CW.

Additionally, the Rivedale spinoff Katy Keene will debut Thursday, February 6th at 8pm, displacing Supernatural, which will return on Monday, March 16th, following the season finales of All American and Black Lightning the week before. Roswell, New Mexico will join Supernatural for a decidedly different Monday night line-up. Well, at least until May 15th, when Supernatural hits the Road So Far for the last time. The 100 or In The Dark may take its place, but schedule for those series has not yet been announced.

Meanwhile, we’ll be counting down the days until Legends gets back on the air.

Erik Amaya

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