YouTube Premium’s Latest Original Is Obsolete — A Mecha Anime Series From Gen Urobuchi

by Sage Ashford

Novelist and screenwriter Gen Urobuchi has become something of a legend in anime circles. Though he is respected for the excellent character development in each of his shows, he is specifically known for the dark themes and often violent series he’s created.  Series like Fate/Zero, Psycho-Pass, and Madoka Magica have cemented this reputation; proving he can bring his brand of storytelling to any genre. And it seems like next for him is a return to the world of mecha anime with YouTube Original, Obsolete.

Obsolete is set in an alternate history where aliens came to Earth in 2014, offering to give us a special technology known as “exo-frames” — robots controlled by a user’s consciousness. Both easier to pilot and cheaper than jets or tanks, these “exo-frames” quickly change the face of combat.

The series will be directed by Hiroki Yamada and Seiichi Shirato, with mecha designs from Makoto Ishiwata (Gargantia, Robotics;Notes).  Character designs are being handled by Akihiko Yoshida (SayoAsa) and Yuya Nagai.  BUEMON will be the studio responsible for bringing the 3D series to life.

Obsolete premieres December 3rd on YouTube. The series being available in its entirety for YouTube Premium users, while free users will be able to watch new episodes once a week.

Sage Ashford

A writer with way too many hobbies, Sage can often be found catching up on the latest anime, or reading a stack of comics between Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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