Celebrating 8 Decades Of Wonder Woman In Covers For Wonder Woman #750

by Olly MacNamee
1940s – Joshua Middleton

As with recent anniversary issues such as Action Comics #1000 which kicked off this whole new tradition of variant covers, Wonder Woman #750 will have a bevvy of variants making the various decades she has been published in, with more recent covers depicted by artists associated with the Amazon princess during that time. So, for the 1980’s we get a George Perez cover and for the 90’s we have a Brian Bolland cover and so on.

We’ve already revealed the variant covers coming from Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, and now you get to see the rest of the variants that will be available when the anniversary issue comes out on January 22nd. I was keen for the vintage Artgerm variant when I first saw it, but can I really resist the Perez cover? Or, do I simply buy both?

Which one catches your eye the most?

1950s – Jenny Frison
The Swinging Sixties – J Scott Campbell
1970s – Olivier Coipel
1980s – George Perez
1990s – Brian Bolland
2000s – Adam Hughes
2010s – Jim Lee

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