Double The Trouble: Preview Yondu #3 By Thompson, Nadler And McCrea

by Oliver MacNamee

Yondu continues to find trouble wherever he goes and Yondu #3 is no different. But then he is in possession of the Herald’s Urn, a very dangerous artefact to own. Here’s our preview of this week’s new issue from writers Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson and artist John McCrea in which the Yondu we’ve come to know faces of with a future Yondu from the original 70’s Guardian of the Galaxies. Groovy baby. Or, maybe not.

• Featuring the descendent of Yondu Udonta from the 31st century…Yondu Udonta?!
• But when the two Yondus lose an important weapon, will they choose between saving Yondu’s payday, or the fate of the entire universe?
• And with a savage bounty hunter tracking them down, the two Yondu’s will have to band together to survive – if only they can survive each other first!

Yondu #3 is out Wednesday 11th December from Marvel Comics

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