Marvels Snapshot Highlights The Fantastic Four In March

by James Ferguson

Marvel Comics had announced Marvels Snapshot, a series of eight one-shots highlighting different heroes with the Namor: The Sub-Mariner as the first one. The publisher has shared details on the second one-shot, turning the spotlight on Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four. The story takes us into the silver age with the Human Torch from writers Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer with Kurt Busiek and artist Benjamin Dewey.

Co-writer Evan Dorkin says:

I’m still blushing that Kurt chose Sarah Dyer and I to tell one of the Marvels Snapshot stories, especially this one, because the Fantastic Four was my favorite super hero team book as a kid, and Marvels did a great job of showing how the larger-than-life Marvel characters affect the average person on the street. We’re trying to do right by both series, packing the story with as much heart, wonder and fun as we can for both older and newer fans to enjoy.

I’m glad to see Dorkin involved in this. He’s a solid writer and I don’t see his name on nearly enough books.

Artist Benjamin Dewey added:

Teaming up with Kurt, Evan, and Sarah is delightful, challenging and a real education in the deep-cuts lore of characters I thought I knew! I’ll do my best to bring the same spark of joy and enthusiasm to the art that has clearly gone into the writing process. Ultimately we want to offer a story that gives fans a different angle on a beloved comics universe that they might not get from any other project.

Kurt Busiek is helming this project as a whole, selecting the creative teams and guiding the story through the Marvel Universe. That’s rather fitting since he wrote Marvels to begin with. Of the Fantastic Four story, he said:

In the second Marvels Snapshot, I asked Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer to write about the Human Torch’s ten-year high-school reunion as seen through the eyes of his ex-girlfriend Dorrie Evans, because they’ve done such warm, human, affecting work on material from Superman: The Animated Series to the awesome Beasts of Burden to Evan’s pop-culture-obsessed Eltingville Club stories, and I knew they’d embrace the crazy minutiae of comics history but bring that sense of heart and emotion to it. And I couldn’t get anyone better to draw it than Benjamin Dewey, bringing his impeccable craftsmanship and rich sense of character to the story. And this is just the start — we’ve got plenty more to come!

Marvels Snapshot will be released twice a month beginning in March 2020. Each issue features a cover by Alex Ross. Now that we know the first two, we have to wonder who is next.

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