Art For Art’s Sake # 33: Heaven Is A Place, A Place Where Nothing But Comic Art Ever Happens

by Richard Bruton

Another week passes, which means it’s time for another spin around some fabulous comic art that’s passed across my eyeballs this week. Enjoy the pictures…

Jack Teagle – Death and Rebirth of the King…

Inktober catchups… The Spirit by Nelson Daniel

All the Doctors by Kevin Maguire

Which is, of course, based on this Justice League #1, 1987… by Kevin Maguire

And that, of course, leads us to one of the funniest things in the entire run… hell, in the entire superhero comic genre… again by Kevin Maguire

Howard Hardiman – Badger and Vole. Badger was a series from a while back from Hardiman, a wonderfully sentimental and bittersweet thing.

Also from Hardiman, completely different subject matter – The Lengths

Tank Girl by Igor-Alban Chevalier / The Black Frog (Via Spaceship Rocket)

The genius that is Jaime Hernandez

Robert Ball – the classic Grace Jones cover reimagined…

Paul Williams – Dredd commission

Classic Brian Bolland Batman from The Killing Joke

Amanda Conner – Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey

Jack of Hearts – Michael Fiffe

Paul Smith – X-Men ’82…

McGone (or McGuan) – Pulp covers – Catwoman, Black Canary, Harley & Ivy….

William Simpson – ‘My first ever professional comic strip character. Big Ben the Man With No Time For Crime for Warrior. Many years ago!

And the finished version…

And… Warrior #20, July 1984, cover by Garry Leach, featuring the Big Ben strip Simpson mentions, Big Ben in “The Fugue of Fear” by Dez Skinn and William Simpson.

Which, finally brought me on a nostalgia-laden trip through the various issues of Warrior, which had some really fabulous covers over the 26 issues.

Now, for those who don’t know, Warrior was a British comics anthology that only ran for a little over two years, 26 issues between March 1982 and January 1985. Edited by Dez Skinn it was one of those comics that had influence well beyond its short run. After all, this was the comic where we first saw the new Marvelman, V For Vendetta, The Bojeffries Saga, Laser Eraser and Pressbutton and so much more, from such luminaries as Alan Moore, Alan Davis, David Lloyd, Steve Parkhouse, Steve Moore, Steve Dillion, John Ridgeway, John Bolton, John Stokes, and many more.

Anyway… some of those covers…

Steve Dillion

Garry Leach

Paul Neary

Mick Austin

Garry Leach

David Lloyd

Garry Leach



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