The Good, The Bad And The Spidey: Preview Spider-Verse #4 From Killam, Gedeon And Marvel Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Spider-Verse #4 is out at the end of this month and Marvel have released the slightest of taters with this three page preview, below. Written by SNL alumni, Taran Killam, alongside artist artist Juan Gedeon, it’s very much a Western tale, but with added gunslingers. Or, rather, webslingers. Ride ’em cowboy!

• It’s high-noon, the town is in trouble, Sherrif Stacy is down for the count and the Sinister Sextet is threatening the peace. Who could possibly stop them?
• Why, Webslinger, of course.
• Join Taran Killam (star of ABC’s Single Parents, formerly of Saturday Night Live) for his Marvel Comics debut alongside Juan Gedeon (Venom) bringing you a horse that can run up the side of buildings.

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