Art For Art’s Sake # 35 – Art That Makes The World A Better Place

by Richard Bruton

Week after week, the Comicon Art For Art’s Sake delivers the very best of the comic art I’ve seen in the week… all quality, some new, some old, some well known, some that’s going to be completely new to you. And all of it, absolutely all of it, is the best comics art you could find…

Juanjo Guarnido – a fabulous homage to greats who have gone before (Via Comics – Most Of The Time)

Emma Frost by Jason Pearson and Bengal san

Enigma #8 Cover – Duncan Fegredo

Spider-Gwen by Brett Wedele

Harley & Ivy by Bill Sienkiewicz

Batman’s Grave #1 by Bryan Hitch

Roger Langridge – Muppets of the Galaxy

Black Canary & Green Arrow – Babs Tarr

Ms. Marvel – Anna Malkova

Batman And Catwoman by Jacob Chabot

Margaux Motin – ‘This is the illustration I made for the Asterix Max magazine’

The Sandman – Dream, Delirium and Death by Matías Bergara (Via Bear1na)

Cover to Overstreet’s FAN #7 by Dave Sim, Gerhard, Richard Sala, Terry Moore, Evan Dorkin, Chris Ware, Mark Hempel, Reed Waller, Peter Bagge, Jim Woodring, Paul Pope, Drew Hayes, Shannon Wheeler, and Bernie Mireault (Via Mostly Comic Art)

Valentina de Fontaine & Nick Fury – Chris Samnee

Doc Strange by Rachael Stott (Via Bear1na)


And finally, here’s the incredible Fiona Staples and her Saga covers stripped of all trade dress… just the art, the fabulous art…


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